Monthly Archives: May 2013

Early birds.

We got up early this morning. Something to do with putting the family on the bus at 6:20 for a weekend away. As we got up so did the sun, and with it the high pastures above “our” mountains were illuminated in a way that I had not seen before. Everything else remained in shadow, only the pastures stood out. I wonder where they are, or how I can get up to them?


After putting the family on the bus, I set of for my run at the running track, again I was there much earlier than is usual, and so the light was simply golden. 16 photos on the phone later and some photoshop magic and the below is the result.




I love the way that morning light can bring out the beauty in even the most unpromising scenes. Across the road from our flats is another block that we think is around 20 years old, but which was never finished as the economic future of the town perished as the Soviet system disintegrated. What is left is mostly an ugly concrete shell. Just occasionally, however, the ugliness gives way to beauty – I hope this photo does it some justice…