Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer’s coming

Yesterday did in fact turn out to have a cloud on the horizon. At about 4:30 in the afternoon, just as we had gathered all food etc we had prepared for a shashleek BBQ, the sky which had been clear blue all day, turned an ominous colour, filled with big thundery clouds, and then just as we had actually got some meat cooking dumped heavy rain all over the town. We made a quick dash for home, quickly got in the washing hanging on the line, cooked the (very tasty) meat on the stove, and ate our Shashleek inside.

June has been a pretty wet month and this is reflected in the green of the trees and grass on the mountains, but as the end of the month approaches it is drying out, and yesterday’s down pour aside, the mountains are starting to look a little drier than they did, the green is slightly deeper, less fresh, and more dusty. Today’s photo I think captures a little of this…



The only cloud on the horizon

In British English the phrase “the only cloud on the horizon” is defined as – “something that threatens to cause problems or unhappiness in the future”. For example, “The only cloud on the horizon is the physics exam in June”. It is a good phrase, full of colour and the hint that often when there are clouds in the British sky rain is not far off for someone!

Having said all of that, the clouds in today’s photo are not in the slightest bit portentous of anything other than a lovely day. They are literally the only clouds on the horizon!