Monthly Archives: August 2013

Some holiday

For the last week or so we have been on holiday. My parents have been visiting and so we have had a few days in our local ski resort of Dombai, showing them what real mountains look like (We really don’t have them in England).

20130831-080950.jpgWe’ve then had a few days at home and a week by the sea in Anapa, a well know resort town on the Black Sea coast. We’ve enjoyed days at the beach,

20130831-081409.jpgwater fights in the guest house garden,


20130831-081900.jpg dolphins,

20130831-082035.jpg and kite flying.

20130831-082235.jpgAll in all its been a fantastic week or so.


A few days late.

The sharp eyed out there may have noticed that I failed to blog on the 13th. That is not because I failed to take a photo. I did I just got busy. I took a remote photo from our balcony in Karachaevsk during a Skype conversation with the family. Here it is.