A change of valley!

Sunday was another cloudy, generally over cast day here in Karachaevsk. So rather than show you our mountains covered in cloud again (there’ll be plenty more of those!) I thought I’d show you some photos from the Arkhyz valley. This region is home to a brand new, built from scratch, ski resort, and having visitors with car, we thought we would go take a look.

As it turns out the resort is still very much under construction. A kindly security guard let us into the new village to see what there is there and, whilst we were told, “don’t get out of your car” we could see a gondola lift and 6 man chair lift ready and waiting to go, as well as 3 hotels all near completion. We were also told that the lifts are due to start working at the beginning of December. So there should be some new skiing come the new year…

Whilst we did not take any photos in the new ski resort, the valley itself was a blaze of autumnal russets and yellows, and really quite spectacular…







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