Monthly Archives: December 2013

Full panoramic!

Having the time this morning to take a more considered approach to today’s photograph, I decided on a full panoramic shot from the balcony. However to get into said balcony we have to run the gauntlet of our (Patent Pending) draught exclusion curtains. These curtains are three pieces of plastic stapled to the door frame so that they overlap, thus acting as an effective draught excluder. What makes them even more effective is that they become covered in condensation and stick together. The down side of this arrangement is that there is a bit of mould on door frame which needs attacking with bleach every now and again, but this is more than made up for by the lack of howling gale coming through the gaps around the door.

20131213-092912.jpgHave I mentioned that it’s been a bit cold recently? Well it is again today, perhaps not quite as cold as yesterday, but cold none-the-less. A measure of this is that the balcony window condensation is dozen solid, and as I went throughout the condensation curtain I realised that it was frozen too. You see the lengths I go to to get the picture!?

20131213-093208.jpgAnyway today’s photo is a full on panoramic of the view from our balcony window. It gives a real feel for just what the weather is like, it also puts into perspective the pathetic nature of the UK tendency to completely fall to pieces when there is more than a centimetre of snow on the ground. Whatever happened to “Keep Calm and Carry On”?



Very cold!

Close monitoring of thermometers and weather forecasts happens in our household before heading out in the mornings. This was the forecast today…

20131212-233714.jpg…and to take a balcony shot required some bravery! The condensation on the inside of the windows was frozen solid and has remained so all day. Simply stepping outside to go to work resulted in immediately frozen bogeys up your nose – a sure sign that it’s colder than about -15C! Anyway this is what -21C looks like – not much different from -2.1C to be honest, but it is the information in the photo that makes the difference!

20131212-234010.jpgAt least the forecast for tomorrow is warmer, it’s going to reach a high of -7C!