Monthly Archives: January 2014

A curtailed view

The last few days has seen cloud descend onto Karachaevsk. Thick, heavy, damp winter cloud. This morning the view across the valley was so reduced that we could have been living on a plain with no mountains around for all we could see of them. It wasn’t quite a “white out” but it was close.



Red sky in the morning…

As I walked to work this morning the sky was a deep pink colour with the sun rising in the east. Given the amount of snow in the mountains I’m not sure that there will be any sheep left out there for the shepherds to be giving us weather warnings… This service being left to ministry of emergency situations who today sent out texts to all of us in our republic, warning against trips to the mountains due to the risk of avalanches. “Red sky in the morning; ministry of emergency situations warning” does have the same snappy ring to it to be honest…